10 Different Types of Gamblers – Which one is You?

You are a gambler and enjoy placing bets online, just like millions of other people around the world. It’s exciting and there is no better feeling than watching a winning bet come home.

To the untrained eye, you are a gambler, just like the millions of others and that’s it. However, we know that’s not the case and you bet in a different way to other online gamblers. The question is, what is it about you that makes you so different to other people sitting around your poker table or betting on the same football match as you?

There are things you do which make you an individual gambler:

  • The way you approach a bet
  • How you decide which bet to place
  • How you react to your bet
  • How much money you are willing to risk

These are all part of what makes you the type of gambler you are today but which group do you fit into?

Are you a baby, slowly taking its first steps or James Bond, throwing yourself into a bet without any thought for your own safety?! Or do you plan every bet to the last detail before pressing the button?

Read on to find out!

1. The Baby Taking its First Steps

You are new to gambling but eager to learn. You want to start walking and betting with the big boys but have yet to grasp the finer details of online gambling. However, you want to learn and despite taking some bumps and bruises along the way, you must not give up.

Even if you take some big falls during the learning process, you do not start crying and asking for your mummy. You not give up because every successful online gambler was just a baby when they first started.

You take the time to learn what all the different markets mean, when you start you will not know your handicap bet from your accumulator but in time you will. When you understand each type of bet, you will be up on your feet and running around in no time.

2. Happy-go-Lucky

If you see a bet you fancy taking on, you will do it and sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t. You do not plan much ahead of the bets you make and are happy to accept the consequences with a shrug of the shoulders, whatever they happen to be.

If your bet comes out as winner, great. If it does not, so be it.

You will continue to bet in the same way without being worried and your attitude is likely to irritate those around you, although they will probably never tell you that. You never bet large amounts but instead opt to place small bets, so if you lose it does not make a dent in your disposable income but if you win, you can use the money to buy a coffee and cake next time you go out.

3. Anxious Andrew

No matter who much research, thought and deliberation you put into a bet before placing it, you will always be nervous until the event is over.

You will sit and watch the event unfold, biting your nails and looking away from the screen every time something important is about to happen. If you cannot watch the event live, you keep clicking the refresh button on your computer to see what happens next.

Even if your bet is looking good and it would take a miracle to happen for you to lose, you still believe it will lose and will not relax until the event is complete and your winnings is in your account.

You are a nightmare to be around when you place a bet and your friends will avoid you at all costs until the bet is complete.

4. Meticulous Preparation

There is no way you will place a bet on a sporting event without having done as much research as possible.

No stone is left unturned as you investigate the form of each team, the players, the manager and break down every detail until you have a clear picture of both teams in-front of you. Every number matters and if there is something which does not fit the trend, you will start again until you find something that does.

You enjoy crunching the numbers and predicting exactly what is going to happen in a sporting event, down to the very last detail. Only when you are completely happy with the statistics and the outcome of your research, will you finally press the ‘bet now’ button.

5. Fun Fred

You are not interested in who wins and loses, all you want to do is invite your friends over and enjoy an evening of live online poker or traditional poker around the table.

The most important aspect of the playing poker is being with your friends, enjoying their company and having a few drinks. If you lose your money, you don’t mind, you are always having a good time, whether you are winning or losing.

You will never bet a great deal of money on a poker game and you will set a small pot, so everyone can play and no one will leave with a huge hole in their pocket. You will provide drinks and snacks and get everyone together for a fun night.

The social aspect of gambling is what is most important for you and nothing beats playing cards with your friends and having a good laugh in the process.

6. Emotional Emma

There is only one way to bet in your eyes and that’s to back your own team or favourite player and nothing else. You place your bets purely on emotion and common sense does not come into play.

Forget about which team is the favourite to win the match, there is no way you can bet against your team, regardless of their chances. The bookmakers love you because you will bet your money, even when there is no chance your team can succeed but you don’t care, backing your own team is what comes first and nothing else matters.

You will be gutted when you lose the bet but only because it means your team has lost not because you have lost your money. When the bet is a winner, it feels like a bonus you deserve, for always backing your team, no matter what.

7. One Bet Wonder

There is only one event on which you like to bet each year and you are excited when the event comes around but you are never tempted to place a bet at any other time.

It may be the Champions League final, the Grand National or the Super Bowl, either way, you wait all year for this one occasion and then place your bet with great care. People do not understand your restraint, not placing a bet at any other time seems strange to them.

However, you have great self-control and may not be interested in betting very much but love the thrill of having money on your favourite event of the year. Winning the bet means you can go out and have a drink with the money you won but if you lose, it is not a great loss and you will bet again next year.

8. The Professional

Whatever form of betting you do, whether it be sports betting or live casino games, you are betting to win big money, the sort of money which will change your life.

You have set up your pot and the aim is to build that pot as you would when making money from a ‘normal’ job. Gambling is your job, you set a target to make each month and go about your betting as you would in any professional occupation.

You set specific hours when you work and plan what you will do each day. It could be a game of poker or a session on the slots, the aim is always to win as big as possible and add some money to the pot, while using the rest to enjoy yourself.

You hope, one day, you will win big and perhaps you will retire but until then, it’s all hands to the pump as a gambling professional.

9. Impulsive Ian

Thanks to mobile betting, all you need is an internet connection and you can place a bet, anywhere, any time.

When you are waiting in a queue at the train station, airport or café you get bored easily but there is one thing you can do to provide some real entertainment while you wait and that’s place a bet. You scramble into your pocket and get out your phone before tapping on the app of your favourite bookmaker.

There are live tennis and football in-play markets available right now and you can bet on these and follow the action with free live streaming while you wait. There are also big matches taking place in the evening across Europe and you fancy placing a bet on one of these, perhaps even an accumulator if you have time.

Before you know it, you are at the front of the queue and all the excitement of your impulse betting has made the wait a pleasure.

10. Bonus Barbara

You enjoy gambling but will only place a bet when there is a good offer available and you can get more for your money.

Fortunately, more and more online bookmakers and casinos are offering bonuses and promotions, especially for new customers and for special events. You are not fussy when it comes to the events, slots or casino games on which you bet but you if there is a good bonus available, you will get stuck in and take full advantage.

It could be a free matched bet, a no deposit sign-up offer or frees spins on a virtual slot machine. Whatever it is, you are there and ready to take advantage of the offer and once you have completed the offer, you will move on to the next.