How to Win on Both Teams to Score – 10 Winning Steps

There are many ways to cook the same dish.  Steak is a favourite of mine and sometimes I like it well done and other times I will chop it up and include it in a stew or casserole.  Much like cooking a steak, there are many ways to bet on football and one of those is the both teams to score market.

You will see both teams to score on the main betting page of most top online bookmakers but some punters choose to ignore it as they are not convinced their bet will win.  Do you want to know how to place good bets on the both teams to score market and have a better chance of being successful?

  • Understand the market
  • Feel confident with your bet
  • Follow the steps to success

Thankfully, I have some great both teams to score tips and I am happy to present them to you today.  Think of it like a recipe and go through each of my both teams to score tips individually before combining them as a whole to make a great both teams to score winning bet.

1. Understand the Ingredients

The both teams to score betting market is much like making beans on toast.  It is very easy to prepare and most people know what it means but that does mean they prepare it the best way.  However, everyone who makes it knows you need to use baked beans and bread to make the toast.

The both teams to score market is much like beans on toast in that it consists of exactly what is in the name.  In a given football match, you are betting on if you think both teams will score.  You can bet yes and you can bet no.  Most both teams to score tips will be for both teams to score ‘yes’ and that is what I am focusing on in this article.

  • Understand the terms
  • Yes or No bet
  • BTTS and BTS for short

When looking at both teams to score tips, you will often see this football betting market listed as BTTS or BTS for short.  It doesn’t matter who wins the game or how many goals are scored in total, you just need both teams to score at least one goal each.

2. Forget About the Final Product

The final outcome of my dish is the important aspect.  If I do everything correct but the food comes out below the standard I expect, I will not serve it to customers.  However, one of the advantages of the both teams to score markets is you do not need to worry about the outcome of the match.

  • Match outcome not important
  • Home win, draw and away win all count
  • Look at only the goals scored

It does not matter if the game ends with a home win, draw or away win.  If you have bet on both teams to score you should be looking only at the goals and forget about the final score.  This makes things a little easier and you can relax once both teams have found the back of the net.

3. On the Attack

If I want to excite my guests with a dish, I will go for something outrageous.  When I am preparing something special, I often hear people in the kitchen say, ‘look out, chef is on the attack’.  What they mean is I am going for it and trying my best to produce something people will gasp at when they see and eat it.

  • Attacking teams
  • Teams that score many goals
  • Champions League games involving attacking teams

When creating both teams to score tips, you are looking for the teams who play the best attacking football.  At the time of writing, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain are examples of two football teams who are known for their attacking football.  If they meet in the Champions League, you will find many both teams to score tips including this match in their predictions and rightly so.

However, even if both teams to score seems a certainty in a game, never bet more than you can afford and know when to stop.

4. Leeks

Leeks are in the same family as onions and one of the most underrated vegetables available.  Leeks can add great flavour to bland dishes and I often substitute them in for onions when making certain dishes.

When betting on the both teams to score market, you are also looking for ‘leeks’ but leaks of a different nature.  You are looking for leaks in a teams defence.  If two teams playing each other do not have a good goal scoring record, they may both have a poor defensive record and this is where both teams to score tips come into their own.

  • Poor Defensively
  • Both teams conceding goals
  • Good odds

You will often find better odds when the two teams who come together have a low goal scoring record but are poor defensively than vice-versa.  So, always check for leaks in the team’s defence when betting on both teams to score and you may find yourself a great bet other people have failed to spot.

5. Use Other Markets

When shopping for fresh vegetables, fish and meat I always take my time and look in several food markets.  I want to know I am getting the best quality at the lowest price and the only way to do that is by looking at various markets.

The same applies when betting on football and one of my top both teams to score tips is to look at the over 2.5 and over 3.5 goals betting markets for assistance.  Simply by looking at the ten previous results of the teams involved in a match will help you build up a good picture.

  • Analyse other markets
  • Over 2.5 goals
  • Over 3.5 goals

Even if they have not all been games in which both teams have scored, if they have regularly been involved in football matches which have seen over 2.5 and 3.5 goals, they make a good bet to see both teams scoring in their next match.

6. Home Team the Outsider

I often travel the world to take part in cooking competitions and they each present a different challenge.  Sometimes I will travel to a foreign country to compete in a competition and even if the host of the event is not a big name in the cooking world, they have home advantage and this gives them great confidence.

This principle is evident in football betting, especially the both teams to score market.  When the home team is playing one of the big clubs in the league, they will often have a go at attacking and beating them because they have nothing to lose.  They are not expected to win, so why not have a proper go at attacking them and see what happens?

  • Home team underdog
  • Team scores goals at home
  • Great odds

These games are great for betting on both teams score.  The top team is always likely to score whatever the opposition and the home team will probably lose the game but may still find the back of the net if they are attacking.

You will often find good odds on the both teams to score market when this is the case.

7. Team News

When I travel to play in the biggest cooking events, especially the televised competitions, I will look to see who is in the kitchen for the opposition.  I know most of the top chefs and their staff around the world of high-level cooking and if I see one of them is missing from the competition, this improves my chances of winning.

  • Team News
  • Top strikers
  • Great defenders

This equates to one of my top both teams to score tips.  Check the team news for both teams and look at three different aspects of the team.


Look for key defenders missing for either team.  If one or both teams are missing important players defensively, this could open-up the game and see both teams scoring goals.


Some teams rely on creative midfield players to provide the bulk of their chances for their forwards.  If they have been named in the team, great.  However, if they have not been selected due to injury or suspension you may want to change your mind about betting on the both teams to score market.


Strikers play a huge role in scoring goals and one of my biggest both teams to score tips is to check the inclusion of the best strikers on each team.  If they are playing, good, you can feel confident when placing a both teams to score bet but if they are out of the team, you will want to think twice.

If the best defenders for both teams are missing and the top creative and goal scoring talent is playing, this is the best time for betting on the both teams to score market.

8. Using the Rules to Your Advantage

When cooking, I like to keep some rules in place in the kitchen.  They generally involve cleaning and keeping things tidy.  They are simple rules and must be obeyed and there many rules in football which can influence betting and one of those is the away goals rule.

This is prominent in the Champions League and Europa League knockout stages.  If the first leg of a game finishes 1-1, the team which is playing away in the second leg knows they must score a goal or they will be eliminated.  This often leads to the away team pushing further forward than they would in normal circumstances and makes for a more open game, with plenty of goal scoring chances.  This situation is good for placing a both teams to score bet.

  • Know the rules
  • Away goals
  • Teams chasing an away goal

Another top both teams to score tip is to look for teams which are chasing a loss after the first leg of a tie.  If Manchester United lost 2-1 at Juventus in the first leg of the quarter-final, they will need to push for a goal in the home tie and this can lead to chances for both teams to score.

9. An Early Start

When I have a big day of cooking ahead, I like to get to bed early so I am awake and ready to prepare in the morning.  I will arrive at the kitchen an hour earlier than my staff and this allows me to check all the ingredients are in place and for any last-minute changes in the menu.

One of my favourite both teams to score tips is to look for teams which score early goals or the first goal often away from home.  When I say often, you will not find many teams who always score early when playing on the road but you will find a team which regularly scores early or gets the first goal when away.

  • Away team scores first
  • Home team push for a goal
  • In-play betting

The good thing about an away team scoring for first for the both teams to score bet is that the home team will be buoyed on by their support to try and get back in the match by scoring themselves.  If the away team scores early, the home team have plenty of time to score and this also makes for a good ploy when betting on both teams to score in-play.

10. History

I always get feedback from people when I cook new dishes and ask them to write it down.  It does not matter if it is positive or negative, all I ask for is the truth.  That’s very important because I use the information to assess if I will cook that dish again, if I need to make some changes to the recipe or if I am better off starting it again from the beginning.

Using historical facts can prove very useful when betting on football and plays a significant role in my both teams to score tips.

  • Head-to-head records
  • Spot a trend
  • Use previous results to make predictions

Head-to-head records between two teams can provide a great insight into the possibility of both teams scoring in a match.  Barcelona vs Real Madrid is a great example.  Between the 16th April 2011 and the final league game of the 2017/18 season, the Barcelona vs Real Madrid fixture saw both teams to score 13 times out of 15 games.

What happened in the first meeting between the teams in the 2018/19 La Liga season?  Both teams scored.  Look back at the history between the teams and see how often both teams have scored in games.  This will provide you with a great insight to the possibility of it happening again in the future.