9 Yummy Inplay Football Betting Tips For Terrible Gamblers

I love being in the kitchen cooking up a storm but the one thing I enjoy about cooking more than anything else is tasting the dish as I go along.  Doing this reminds me of one of my favourite hobbies, which is inplay football betting.

Cooking and tasting a dish during preparation is like inplay betting in many ways.  Inplay betting allows you to bet on a football match after the game has started and I often like to add an extra ingredient into my dish after I have started cooking.

Sometimes, I taste a dish as it is cooking and realise I do not need to add anything else and now is the time to stop cooking and serve the food. The same principle applies with inplay betting and you can end your bet before the match has finished to lock in a profit.

I have many great inplay football betting tips to share with you so please read on below to find out what yummy betting treats I have in the cooking pot for you.

1. A Simple Recipe for Inplay Football Betting

For those of you who have rotten luck when betting on football, inplay betting may be something which is new to you.  Fortunately, I will not throw you on the compost heap like I would with rotten vegetables, instead I will show you an example of live football betting so you understand what it is all about.

If a football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid begins and Barcelona score a goal inside the first 10 minutes, the match result market will update to consider the current score in the match.

Barcelona are now favourites to win the game and the odds for a draw have lengthened.  You believe Real Madrid can score a goal to level the match so you place a bet on the draw at the new odds provided.

You have just placed a live inplay football bet.  It’s as simple as making an omelette but now we will move on to some of my yummy inplay football betting tips.

2.  Assess All the Ingredients

Prior to making a dish, I always check the ingredients in the recipe and their quality.  If there is a top quality ingredient missing which I believe is key to the dish, I will not make it because the result will not be tasty enough.

The same applies when betting inplay on football.  Always analyse both teams involved in the match before placing your bet.  This applies to all forms of football betting but when betting inplay, always look at the current form of the teams, check their defensive and attacking statistics, look to see which players are suspended or injured and assess which teams have the most incentive to win.

A top inplay football betting tip is to see which team needs to win a game.  If one team is battling relegation for example and they need to win but fall a goal behind in the match, they are going to try everything to score.  This means we are likely to see more goals in the game, especially if the opposition have little to play for and you could place an inplay bet on over 2.5 or over 3.5 goals.

3.  Match Result

Almost every football match has a favourite and I have my own favourite recipes in the kitchen.  However, sometimes I will opt for something different, a dish I would not usually turn to but seems tempting for this occasion.

A great inplay football betting tip involves backing a poorer team who have taken an early lead in a match.  You would not usually back this team but with a one goal lead and the odds still offering good value, now could be a good time to back them.  If the team who has taken the lead has more incentive to win, this inplay football bet becomes even more tempting.

Also, look for teams who score many late goals to win of draw matches.  Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson is a great example.

4.  Over/Under

Sometimes, a recipe does not go to plan in the early stages of cooking but then as the food cooks in the oven, it comes together nicely and produces a lovely dish.

The same applies when betting on the over/under football market.  One of my best inplay football betting tips is to look for games featuring teams who score and concede a lot of goals but have reached half-time at 0-0 or 1-0.  The odds for over 2.5 goals will have increased from the start of the game and now offer good value.

It may seem, after a poor first half, there is little chance of more goals being scored but the teams involved have scored and conceded many goals for a reason.  Check the statistics to see when teams score and concede most of their goals, you may find the second half is when most of the goal scoring action usually takes place.

5.  Corners

If the pressure is on in the kitchen and I have a deadline to make for a wedding cake, I bring in some extra staff to help me and do everything I can to get the job done to a very high level.

In a football match, especially a cup game or a match which could see a team promoted or relegated, the number of corners could increase significantly towards the end of the 90 minutes.

Much like my cooking example above, a team which is losing by a single goal in a cup tie, is highly likely to do anything they can to get a goal, which means throwing players forward into attacking positions.

This often leads to more corners as the pressure builds towards the end of game.  You can check the situation in a cup match and place an inplay football bet on the total number of corners as you know the losing team must attack if they want to stay in the competition.

6.  Cards

I do not tolerate any poor discipline in my kitchen.  If a member of my staff breaks any of the rules while I am cooking, they will be asked to leave the kitchen.  Sometimes we can be under pressure, especially when we need to get meals out on a timed schedule but that does mean people can act irresponsibly.

One of my most delicious inplay football betting tips for terrible gamblers involves the number of cards in a game.  As a match enters the second half, if a team is losing by a single goal, they will look to attack and put pressure on the opposition.  If there is a lot at stake in the game, this can lead to a flurry of yellow and possibly red cards as both teams are desperate to get the result.

The key is to act early and catch the odds when they are at their highest.

7.  Cashing Out

This links in to my example at the beginning of the article about knowing when to stop cooking.  Sometimes, when I am experimenting with a new recipe, I taste the dish and decide to stop adding any further ingredients.

It’s already tasty enough and now is the time to stop. When betting inplay on football, you must consider the best time to cash out.  All the top online bookmakers offer a cash out feature and this enables you to end your bet and lock in any winnings you have at the time.

This works well for football accumulator bets if one leg is letting you down for example.  However, if you have a simple match result bet placed, you may consider laying the bet at an exchange, instead of cashing out.

When you cash out, you will lose some of the winnings to the bookmaker’s margin but when you lay off your bet on an exchange, that’s not the case.

Also, do not forget to analyse the game because while it may be tempting to cash out inplay when you receive an offer, your actual bet may go on to win and you will not be happy.  Always assess the situation in a match before accepting a cash out offer.

8.  Review Your Inplay Betting Success

I always taste my food before serving it to other people but nothing beats the reviews I receive from guests after they have eaten.

This gives me invaluable feedback and I can make little adjustments to my recipe based on what they have said.

This falls in line with another of my great inplay football betting tips.  You must always review your inplay betting statistics and see which bets are successful and which are costing you money.

You may be making money on the over/under betting market but losing out on the match result market because you are cashing out too soon and taking less money than if you let the bet runs its course.

Every piece of information is crucial and you should be keeping notes on every inplay bet you make during the football season.  You use statistics to decide which inplay football bets to place and so you should also use statistics to assess your own performance and highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

9.  Patience

Finally, always be patient when betting inplay on football.  I never rush into anything in the kitchen and all my meals are planned to perfection.  When betting on football, the inplay betting markets are always likely to offer you better odds than you will get before the match has started.

Be patient for the opening 20 minutes of the game and you will not only get a better idea of who might win the match but the odds could also improve.

So, there we have it.  Follow my inplay football betting tips and enjoy the sweet taste of success when betting inplay on football.