8 Best Inplay Market Pro Football Gambler Aim at

Over time the technology available to us develops and this brings with it new opportunities.  In the kitchen, I have seen many new products produced, some of which I have added to my own kitchen including wi-fi cookers and digital electric smokers.

Not only do these make my life easier they are also a lot of fun to use and the same can be said of inplay football markets.  These betting markets are available thanks to the internet and betting websites but before we look at the best inplay football markets we must ask what is inplay football betting?

Inplay football betting is a bet which is placed after a football match has started.  So, whereas prior to the invention of inplay football markets you could only bet before the game, you can now bet during the game, which is great news.

This is similar to cooking, just because I have started cooking a dish does not mean I cannot add new ingredients as I progress and the same applies to betting on football.  You can place a bet after the match has started but what are the best inplay football markets? 

1. A Means to an End

When preparing my dishes, I am always thinking about how I want the final dish to look and taste.  I might add additional ingredients to improve the recipe as I am cooking but I will always consider how it will be at the end.

The same applies to inplay football markets and one of the most popular is the full-time result.  This is the same as betting on the outcome of a football match prior to kick-off but instead you are betting during the match.  This gives you the opportunity to see how the match is developing and to follow the flow of the game.

For example, one team could be winning with 30 minutes left in the game but the opposition are doing a lot of attacking and creating chances.  There is a good chance they could equalise or even go on to win the game and the inplay full-time result market allows you to take advantage of that information and place a bet.

Sometimes I know when a dish needs an extra pinch of salt and I am not afraid to add it during the cooking phase and the same applies to the full-time inplay football market.  Do not be afraid to see how the game develops before placing your full-time result bet.

  • Full-time Result market
  • Watch the game develop
  • Don’t Leave it too late

2. How Many ingredients?

Many chefs like to cook with a set number of ingredients and follow a recipe rigidly.  I will do this too but sometimes, having started a recipe I will end up using more ingredients than I initially planned before I began.

When betting on football, you can use the total match goals market and this usually involves betting on over or under a specified number, such as 2.5 goals.  You can do this before the game starts but total match goals is also a good inplay football market.  Having had the chance to see a dish develop, I can see I will need more ingredients to make it work than initially thought and will rush out to get them to add to the recipe.

As a football match develops, the game could end up being slow, with both team defending and the strikers not having many chances.  Having had the opportunity to see the match develop in this way you can place a bet on under 2.5 goals whereas before the game you may have though it would be over 2.5 goals.

  • Total match goals
  • Judging attack and defence
  • Assess the pattern of the game

3. Unexpected Twists

Sometimes there are occasions in the kitchen which give options otherwise unavailable.  Perhaps someone will place an order but they are allergic to a specific ingredient and this means I must think of something new to add in its place.

I find this situation exciting and it gives me the chance to do something different.  When betting live, an inplay football market will appear which is rarely available at other times and it involves a penalty.

When a penalty is awarded during a football match, you can place a live bet on whether you think the penalty will be scored or missed.  This is very exciting and you will only have a few seconds to place your bet and must make a quick decision.

This may not be the best inplay football market for those looking to make a good profit but it is a great deal of fun.

  • Penalty scored or missed
  • Rare inplay football market
  • Fun but little long term profit

4. Taking a Break

Its possible to start a recipe and have a half way point in mind where I will stop and check everything is going to plan.  I may also change my mind as I approach the half way stage of a dish and add something else to change it or simple require a break from cooking.

One of the best inplay betting football markets for half-time is the half-time result market.  You may have bet on the overall winner of the game but something you have seen in the first 10 minutes of the match suggests someone could be leading at half-time.  You do not have long to place a half-time result market bet but if the match is 0-0 as you approach 30 minutes, it can be tempting.

If one team is on top, you may fancy them to score and you will get nice odds for them to lead at half-time.  This one is risky but can generate good rewards.

  • Half-time result market
  • Assess the half with 15 minutes left
  • Risky but good rewards

5. The Key Ingredient

In many recipes, there will be one ingredient which I will need to add first, regardless of what else is included in the dish.  However, sometimes I try to create something new and will start with something different as an experiment to see what I can create.

When betting inplay on football, you can choose which team you think will score the first goal as the match progresses.  If one team is on top, you may think they are the team to back but, much like my ingredients highlighted above, you might decide to go for something different and back the team who are doing much of the defending to score first.

Perhaps the defending team are good on the break for example or you could even bet on there being no first goal depending on the way the match is developing.

Similar to this inplay football market, you can also bet on which team will score the next goal.

  • Team to score first goal
  • Choose the team with the most pressure or team on the break?
  • No first goal is an option

6. The Precise Outcome

If I am cooking for a competition, I must be precise.  The judges will not accept any minor mistakes and everything I prepare must be to the highest standards, without mistakes.  This includes the whole process of preparing the food and at the end, my dish must be flawless if I want to win.

The same can be said when betting on the full-time result inplay football market.  The odds are very good and there is much glory to be had when betting on the final score inplay but you must be precise.

You must predict the exact final score because any other score, even if you miss by just a single goal, will be no good.  Profit can be good but as with my competitive cooking, you must be very precise.

  • Final score market
  • Accuracy is key
  • Good profit to be made

7. It’s All About the Timing

Knowing the exact time to add key ingredients to a recipe is one of the most important aspects of cooking.  Get this wrong and whole dish could be spoiled, meaning you are left with very hungry guests and nothing to feed them.

Timing is also key when using the inplay football market which allows you to bet on the result after a specified time.  This is certainly a niche inplay football market and one which is exclusive to inplay football betting.

When a football match kicks-off, you will be presented with several options and these include 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minute and 75 minutes.  You can bet on which team you think will be wining at this point in the match and once it is reached, the option for that time disappears.

Some bookmakers also allow you to bet on the number of goals which will be scored between a specified period of a match.

  • Result after specified time
  • Which teams do well in certain periods of games?
  • Patterns in play will help

8. Overcoming a Disadvantage

Occasionally during a cooking competition I need to use an ingredient only to find a competing chef is using it and there is none left for me.  This hands an advantage to that chef and I need to see if I can make up the deficit by using something else and overturn the handicap to win the competition.

Similar to this and just like pre-match betting, there is an inplay football market for handicap betting.  A handicap bet involves giving a team a head start, such as a one or two goal advantage.  If you bet on a team to win with a one goal advantage, they can draw the game and the bet will be a winner.  However, if they lose the match by a single goal or more the bet will be lost.

An alternative to this inplay football market is the Asian handicap.  This is similar to the above but removes the draw from the equation by adding increments of 0.5 to the goal advantage or disadvantage.

  • Handicap betting
  • Giving an advantage/disadvantage to a team
  • Makes unbalanced games fun for live betting

Additional Recipes

Some of the recipes I use are suitable for all occasions.  It could be a formal lunch or a casual evening dinner, there are some dishes which are adaptable for both and that makes life easier as a chef.

The same applies to football betting and there are some pre-game markets which are also suitable as inplay football markets.  These include Draw no Bet, Last Team to Score, Goals Odd/Even, Result/Both Teams to Score, Team Clean Sheet and Exact Goals.

The odds will change as the match progresses and you can decide which inplay football market is the best and offers the greatest value at specific points in the game.  Inplay football betting can generate a lot of profit for professional gamblers but also provides a lot of fun for the more casual sports gambler.