10 Biggest & Best Jackpot Casino Games i Try to Beat

Do you like playing casino games that are promising great rewards for the luckiest players? I totally understand you because I am a casino player like you. Actually, I am a chef by gambling is my passion. After a busy day at work, I like to relax with some of the best jackpot casino games out there.

There’s something about these games that makes them more attractive than the others and it’s not just the prize. Most of them are fun games which are easy to play, but I am also playing casino games that require strategy and tactics. They are similar to food cooking – if you want to get the best taste, you have to be careful with the ingredients.

So, if you are looking for the best jackpot casino games out there, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve created a list that has the 10 biggest & best jackpot casino games at the moment. With this guide that I have prepared for the readers, you’ll find out how to:

  • Enjoy jackpot casino games
  • Learn the mechanics of each jackpot casino games
  • Find out some interesting facts about these games

Now let’s get to the main point and reveal the 10 biggest & best jackpot casino games I try to beat almost every day.

1. Slots

Introduced: 1970s

Type of game: Electronic

Country of origin: USA

House Edge: 2% to 10%

Return to Player: between 94% and 97%

Volatility: Low-High depending on the game

The first slot machine was introduced at the end of the 19th century in the United States. Around 80 years later in the 1970s, the casino players got an opportunity to play on electronic video slots. With the emergence of the Internet, they got a chance to play online slots on casino sites.

If you take a look at the statistics, you will find that online slots are the most played games.

In fact, many players (including me) consider them to be the best jackpot casino games out there. Keep in mind that not all of these games provide jackpot prizes. However, if you are interested in hitting impressive prizes worth a few hundred thousand dollars or even millions of dollars, you should look for progressive jackpot slots. Most online casinos have special sections for these games.

What I like about these games is that you can find literally dozens of themes. The good news for me is that there are many food-themed online slots including the ones where you have the role of a chef. Modern online slots come with different matrixes of reels, lines, and rows and they have a wide range of symbols including symbols with special properties like multipliers, scatters and wilds.

You can also play mini-games and use free spins. There are also many online slots where the progressive jackpot prize is won at random. Playing online slots is very easy and includes placing a bet and pushing a button. Most of them allow auto-play which makes things even simpler.

Facts about Slots

  • Dozens of themes to choose from
  • Some of these jackpot games come with jackpot prizes worth millions
  • One of the simplest gameplay options you can find in casino games


  • You can play this type of jackpot game in literally every online casino
  • They are fun
  • Easy to play


  • It takes some time to see profit
  • Winning the jackpot prize is not easy


2. Blackjack

Introduced: 17th century

Type of game: Card game

Country of origin: France/Spain

House Edge: At least 1.5%

Return to Player: Around 99%

Volatility: High

Besides online slots, Blackjack is one of the best jackpot casino games you can find on popular casino sites. In the past, I’ve played it in land-based casinos, but now I am enjoying it in my favorite online casinos because I can relax and have fun at home after a long day at the kitchen.

Many people know this game as 21/ Twenty-One. Blackjack represents a straightforward and fun casino game where players are comparing their cards to the dealer’s cards. In other words, you must be better than the dealer not the rest of the players.

There are sources that can confirm that blackjack was played as early as the 17th century in Western Europe. Starting from the 19th century it spread all over the world and thanks to the Internet, blackjack has become more popular than ever. The goal of this game is to reach 21 points or at least a number that is very close to 21 but doesn’t go above 21. Every player at the table including the dealer gets two cards.

The players have visible cards, while the dealer has one visible and one face-down card. Players can ask for additional cards if they want to. There are different versions of blackjack games like Vegas Strip Blackjack, Multihand Blackjack, and Double Exposure Blackjack, but the basic objective is the same in all of them.

The progressive jackpot type can help you get a memorable cash prize. However, in this specific kind of blackjack, you must place a side bet too. Don’t forget that the house edge of blackjack games with jackpots is higher.

Facts about Blackjack

  • This is a game with an excellent Return to Player percentage
  • It’s an easy game with some basic tactics
  • This game is available in all popular online casinos


  • Dozens of blackjack games to choose from
  • A very low house edge
  • A very simple game to master


  • Difficult to make a profit (and lose money)
  • You have to place side bets to qualify for the jackpot prize

3. Video Poker

Introduced: 1970s

Type of game: Electronic

Country of origin: USA

House Edge: between 0.5% and 5%

Return to Player: Around 99%

Volatility: Medium

I often finish my day playing Video Poker games and according to many experts, you should try them too especially if you are looking for the best jackpot casino games. You won’t find many other games with an RTP percentage like this. To be honest, video poker is not a very old game – it was introduced in the 1970s.

After a few years, most land-based casinos had at least a dozen of these electronic machines on their floors. Obviously, the situation is similar when it comes to modern-day online casinos too. What’s great is that players can get all the information they require to evaluate the payouts and other important elements like house edge and odds in these games on the main screen.

Due to their popularity, developers have decided to create different versions of this game like Aces and Eights, Jacks or Better, Bonus Deuces Wild, All American and Progressive video poker. The latter is a version that can lead players to a massive progressive jackpot. It’s important to understand that the odds in progressive video poker games remain the same regardless of the size of the main prize.

In any case, playing video poker games is easy. As a player, you will get five cards and based on these cards you will try to create a winning hand in the next round. You can keep or switch as many cards as you want. All of these games use the conventional poker hand evaluation which includes pairs, two pairs, full house, straight etc.

Facts about Video Poker

  • One of the best Return to Player percentages in jackpot casino games
  • Developing a good strategy increases your chances of winning
  • You can find these games in almost every online casino


  • The odds don’t change even if the progressive jackpot prize reaches millions
  • A low house edge
  • Many different video poker games on almost all casino sites


  • There are no bonus round and special features
  • It takes time to develop a good strategy

4. Keno

Introduced: Ancient times

Type of game: Lottery

Country of origin: China

House Edge: No more than 25%

Return to Player: Around 94%

Volatility: High

Whenever I am in the mood for a simple and fast jackpot casino game, I am headed to the casino sites offering keno. If you have played lotto, then you notice the resemblance. Keno is a very popular casino game around the world and that’s why you can find it in most physical and online casinos.

Just like many other popular casino games, keno comes from China.

There were special Chinese lotteries in the 19th century which featured this game. After a few decades, it became popular around the world including the United States. It seems that people all over the world have realized how fun this game of luck can be.

There’s fast-paced gameplay involved here. Before the game begins, you will have to choose your numbers on the keno grid where you can notice 80 numbers (from 1 to 80). Every casino has specific rules about the amount of numbers you can select. In some cases, you can select up to 20 numbers.

It’s also up to you to choose how much money you will invest. Once the stakes are placed, the numbers are drawn. The good news is that many of these keno games are offering jackpot prizes, but they are available only to players that are prepared to play with a maximum bet.

Facts about Keno

  • A very old casino game which originates from China
  • Playing for a jackpot prize requires a maximum bet
  • A simple casino game that looks like Bingo


  • Easy to play
  • Found in most online casinos
  • You can choose the size of your bet


  • Some keno games are slow
  • Not all keno games have a jackpot

5. Caribbean Stud Poker

Introduced: 1980s

Type of game: Card game

Country of origin: USA

House Edge: At least 5%

Return to Player: Around 97%

Volatility: High

If you are looking for thrilling casino games, you can’t go wrong with Caribbean Stud Poker. This is one of the best jackpot casino games that I have played and one of the rare games that have made me forget about cooking and work in general while I am playing. You can tell by the name of this casino game that it is based on 5-card stud poker games.

One of the things that make it different than an average poker game is that you are trying to defeat the dealer not the rest of the players at the table in this game. Caribbean Stud Poker doesn’t have a long history, but it’s definitely a fun one. Cruise lines were trying to encourage holiday goes into visiting their casinos and they have decided to create a special form of poker which is a little bit faster and more fun than the regular ones.

This is how Caribbean Stud Poker was born in the 1980s. Nowadays, you don’t have to go on a cruise to enjoy this game – you can do this at any time and from any place on casino sites.

As we said before, this casino game comes with straightforward gameplay. To become part of this game, you have to place an ante bet. But, if you want to get a chance to win a progressive jackpot which usually represents a massive amount of money, you will have to place side bets too.

So, after the ante wagering is finished, the player gets five cards and so does the dealer. Each player has five face-up cards while the dealer has just one face-up card. It’s up to the players to raise bets or fold their previous bets. In the end, the poker hand with the highest value wins the round.

Facts about Caribbean Stud Poker

  • A relatively modern version of stud poker
  • You can place a side bet if you want to play for the progressive jackpot
  • A simple game to master


  • High wins including a jackpot
  • Simple playing mechanism
  • Playing against the dealer


  • High volatility
  • Not much room to develop a complex strategy

6. Bingo

Introduced: 16th century

Type of game: Lottery

Country of origin: Italy

Return to Player: No more than 50%

Volatility: Depends on the version

If you are like me and you enjoy fast-paced games with many thrills, then I have a suggestion for you – try bingo. This is a lottery-style game which is quite similar to keno, the jackpot casino game we’ve highlighted earlier in this article. Just like keno, Bingo is a game that’s very easy to play.

This is a game of luck where you don’t need a special strategy to win. If you have played the physical form of this game, then you should know that the online version is the same. It’s all about picking the right numbers before the draw begins. I should point out that there are a few different variants of bingo in online casinos today. In most cases, the difference is the amount of numbers that are drawn and the amount of numbers you have to guess right to win a prize.

The most played version of bingo is the one that comes with 90 balls even though the one with 75 balls is popular too. Typically you have to guess a certain amount of numbers in the right way to win in this game. There is also a side bet which can help you win the jackpot prize.

Facts about Bingo

  • It’s a very simple game
  • It offers great payouts
  • Get a ticket and check the draw


  • Many different jackpot games
  • One of the most played casino games available in most online casinos
  • You can win a prize with a relatively small amount of correct numbers


  • Winning big prizes can be tough
  • It’s a pure game of luck which is a disadvantage for many players

7. Baccarat

Introduced: 19th century

Type of game: Card game

Country of origin: France

House Edge: At least 1.5%

Return to Player: Around 98%

Volatility: Low

The list of the biggest and best jackpot casino games continues with Baccarat. This is a casino game played with cards which has been around for many decades. According to some sources, people in Italy and France have been playing a similar game a few centuries earlier, but it’s known for sure that baccarat was offered in European casinos in the 19th century.

Just like blackjack, baccarat is a game where participants are comparing their cards. Over the years, players have invented a few versions of baccarat including Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco, and Three Card Baccarat. In any of these versions, players can expect many fun and exciting moments and an opportunity to win big prizes including a progressive jackpot (but only in some versions of baccarat).

There’s no need to read a long guide to learn the essence of this card game. In baccarat, every player is focused on getting a hand where the total value of cards is nine or as close as possible to this number. But, if the value of cards is 10 or more, the player loses the round automatically. The good thing is that players have a chance to place side bets like banker pair, either pair, player pair or high or low.

Facts about Baccarat

  • You can learn to play baccarat in a matter of minutes
  • One of the casino games with the fastest gameplay
  • A chance to win a progressive jackpot in some versions


  • You can start playing baccarat right away even if you are playing for the first time
  • You can find this game in most online casinos
  • Progressive betting possible, but only with high stakes


  • Low-value payouts
  • You will have to get familiar with the rules for each different version

8. Scratch cards

Introduced: 1970s

Type of game: Unique

Country of origin: USA

House Edge: –

Return to Player: Around 95%

Volatility: High

There are times when I am not really in the mood for creating strategies and thinking a lot about my next move when I am playing jackpot casino games. That’s when I am usually trying games like scratch cards.

These specially designed lottery cards became available in the 1970s, but with the help of modern technology, players can now use them online too. In other words, there are online scratch cards which you can buy and scratch virtually.

Not all of these scratch cards are the same, but what you basically have to do is to find three or more matching symbols on a line or on the ticket in general. Read the rules carefully before you buy any of these scratch cards. The good thing about this game is that some of the jackpot prizes are worth dozens of thousands of dollars.

To add to the excitement, some of these scratch cards are forcing players to reveal positions gradually. In other cases, you can reveal all the positions at once with a single click. Of course, it’s up to you to choose the solution that suits you. Let’s not forget that most of these cards are equipped with consolation prizes.

Facts about Scratch Cards

  • No need to develop a strategy
  • You can start playing right away
  • A myriad of scratch cards available in online casinos


  • You can play with small bets and win big
  • Most of these games have jackpot prizes
  • You can check the outcome immediately


  • The excitement lasts for a very short period of time
  • Your knowledge and skills in casino games don’t play a role here

9. Casino Holdem

Introduced: 2000s

Type of game: Card game

Country of origin: USA

House Edge: Approx. 2%

Return to Player: Around 97%

Volatility: High

This game may not be that old, but it became an instant hit. Casino Holdem is yet another form of poker which was unveiled in 2002. After long research, Stephen Au-Yeung, a passionate poker player and game inventor, has created Casino Holdem.

There’s a reason why the game includes the word Holdem in its title – it’s very similar to Texas Holdem. But, the main difference here is that you will play against the house, not against other players. Before we explain the details, let us mention that in order to win a jackpot prize here, you will have to use a side bet. So, Casino Holdem is not originally created as a jackpot casino game.

Now, when it comes to the rules, at the start of each round, the player and the dealer get two cards. The player must place an ante bet before they receive the cards. After a couple of rounds, you will get access to five flop cards. As expected, the player with a better hand than the dealer will win the pot.

Facts about Casino Holdem

  • One of the newest and most popular forms of poker
  • A chance to place a side bet for a progressive jackpot prize
  • An opportunity to use poker skills and knowledge to win more frequently


  • You are playing against the dealer
  • A fun and convenient casino game
  • Good RTP


  • You have to place a side bet to play for the jackpot

10. European Roulette

Introduced: 18th century

Type of game: Table game

Country of origin: France

House Edge: Approx. 2.7%

Return to Player: Around 97%

Volatility: High

I will end this list of best jackpot casino games with European roulette. This is one of my favorite casino games and it looks like thousands of people around the world have the same feelings about this thrilling game. After all, that’s why you can find it on dozens of casino sites including the most popular ones.

European roulette was invented in the 18th century after the well-known French mathematician and inventor Blaise Pascal introduced the roulette wheel. European roulette is a table game which comes with a roulette wheel, a ball and a table where players are placing their bets. The games that come with a jackpot have a side bet which lets players participate in the progressive jackpot prize.

European roulette has 36 numbers as well as a Zero slot. Every player is free to choose the type of bet they want to use – black or red, high or low, correct number, a correct group of numbers, odd or even and few other betting options that come with different odds.

Facts about European Roulette

  • Very popular and attractive casino game
  • Fast gameplay with many excitements
  • Excellent Return to Player percentage


  • Almost every online casino has this game in their offer
  • European roulette is easy to play
  • You have multiple betting options


  • A completely random game where strategy and tactics don’t play a role
  • It can be quite addictive