8 Tasty Tips on How to Make Money Betting on Football

Betting on football is a real treat and a feast for the senses when you win.  However, trying to make money betting on football can be difficult and much like preparing a complicated dish in the kitchen.  The good news is I can follow great recipes when preparing my good and you can follow my tasty tips on how to make money betting on football in this article.

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Then read the article and i will explain to you.

The key to making money betting on football is getting the ingredients right and if you have the perfect blend of herbs and spices, the bet will taste even better than you ever imagined.  Follow my tasty tips below and you will soon be making money betting on football and boy it tastes good.

1. Know Your Onions

It’s impossible to cook an incredible dish without knowledge of all the ingredients and what they can do when mixed together.  The same applies when betting on football and to make money betting on football you must understand the sport.

If I am unsure of a dish I am making in the kitchen, I look in my library of cook books to help.  If you are new to football betting, watch some matches first and gain an understanding of the betting markets.

There is no way you would catch me throwing an ingredient into a pot if I have no idea what it does.  The same applies to football betting, so always know what the match and market your betting on means and never place a bet on a market you do not understand.

2. Recipe Books are Mandatory

When I am preparing my latest culinary feast, I always use my wealth of world class recipe books to ensure my food is always tasty.  The same logic is used when betting on football and there is plenty of information available online.

Look at the statistics involving both teams and see if anything stands out.  It could be the number of goals a team has scored, the number of clean sheets kept by a team or the number of draws a team has achieved when playing away matches.  We call these trends and it’s possible to use these to your advantage when betting.

For example, if one team in a game has scored over 2.5 goals in each of their last 4 home matches and they are playing against a team who have failed to keep a clean sheet in their last 5 away games, betting on the home team to score over 2.5 goals would be a good option.

The same logic applies in the kitchen and if by looking in my recipe books two ingredients combine perfectly to make a great tasting dish, I will add them to the pot.

3. Look for the Best Value

When several suppliers can provide me with the same vegetables, I always look for the best quality at the lowest price.  Doing that allows me to make delicious food for lower cost and you should always look for the best prices to make money betting on football.

There are hundreds of online bookmakers out there offering the same football betting markets, so why stick to the same bookmaker when you can shop around?  You will find each bookmaker offers different odds and some will have bigger odds for the same football betting market than others.  To make the most money betting on football, you should always choose the bookmaker which gives you the best odds.

When I am making pies for a big event, the cheaper I can get the core ingredients, the more pies I can make and the more profit I will generate for my kitchen.  You must have the same mindset to make money betting on football.

4. Missing Ingredients Make for Bad Food

I always pay attention to the recipe when making a dish because if I miss out a key ingredient it could end in disaster.  For example, if I was cooking a lasagne and I did not add the beef mince, the final product would be awful and everyone would avoid eating my food.

When betting on football, you must always check the team news before a game because if one team is missing their best player, it could spell disaster for your bet.  If a team relied heavily on a striker to score all their goals, like my lasagne relies on beef mince and he was injured and missing from the team, their chances of winning the match have lowered significantly.

To make money betting on football, always check the team news because you can also take advantage of a star player being injured to make money by betting on the other team.

5. Find Your Speciality Dish

Every top chef has a speciality dish and I am no different.  Mine is a seasonal vegetable cookpot and using my favourite vegetables when they are at their best, I can produce the best tasting cookpot you will ever eat.  My seasonal vegetable cookpot is something I can rely on and get right every time and when trying to make money betting on football, you should identify a niche on which to concentrate.

Make a note of all the football bets you make and see which type produce the greatest profit overall.  It could be the both teams to score market, the over/under goals market or winning margin market.  Whichever it is, you clearly have a flair for that particular betting market so use that to your advantage and focus on your biggest strength when betting on football for the best results.

6. A Little Helping Hand

I always try to prepare and make every single part of my dishes but there are times when I can do with a little help.  When making a sausage roll, I enjoy creating my own pastry but sometimes I will use a ready prepared pastry because I know exactly what the result is going to be when I take it out of the oven.

The same thing applies with matched betting in football.  This method is a way to guarantee you will make money betting on football but can only be used on special occasions.

Essentially, you can turn all the free offers provided by online bookmakers into real money and it uses maths to create the stake and games on which you should bet.

Using matched betting lowers the risk when betting on football, much like using ready made pastry on my sausage rolls.

7. Taste During Cooking

When making one of my delicious dishes, I always take the opportunity to taste it as I go along and this helps to create something special.  Even a quick taste followed by the addition of a sprinkling of salt and then another taste can make all the difference to the dish.

To make money betting on football, you can use in-play betting and follow the action live to help place your bets.  You can even cash out your bet early if things are not going your way and lock in a profit before the match has ended.  This is much like adding salt to my recipes and once I have got the taste just right, I do not need to add any more.

If you have placed a bet on Barcelona to beat Real Madrid and they are winning 1-0 with 20 minutes to go but Real Madrid are putting a lot of pressure on the Barcelona goal, you can cash out and take a smaller profit but know you have made money.  If you do this several times, the profit soon builds up and you can make some good money betting on football.

8. If A Dish is Spoiled Leave It

One of the best pieces of advice I received when completing my chefs cooking apprenticeship was if you find something goes wrong with a dish, leave it and start again.  There is no point trying to rectify a recipe if something untoward happens and unexpected things occur in the kitchen, just like they do when football betting.

Once I was in the kitchen and a pot of tomato sauce was knocked off the worktop and into my pot of pasta.  There was too much sauce in the pasta and there was nothing I could.  So, instead of adding more pasta to try and make it better, I cut my losses and started again the following day.

To make money betting on football you should never chase your losses.  If you lose a bet unexpectedly, do not pick another football bet to try and win your money back unless it is one you planned to bet on originally.  If you start chasing after losses, football betting will not be enjoyable or profitable and those are the two main reasons you bet on the beautiful game.