12 Spicy Steps to Profitable Football Betting

I enjoy cooking a great deal, it is my passion and when at home I love to experiment with different recipes.  Having a great time in my personal kitchen is good and it allows me to think of some new dishes which I can transfer to my professional kitchen.

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  • Profitable football betting tips
  • Have fun and learn with the chef’s tips

However, I cannot afford to make any mistakes when I am cooking in the restaurant.  I have paying customers who are expecting the very best and they will settle for nothing else.  Ultimately, I must make a profit and the same goes when betting on football.

Would you like to make a profit when betting on football?

It is good to enjoy betting on football but the main point of betting is to make a profit.  How would it feel to have some spicy steps to profitable football betting?  I am here to help you become the best football gambler you possibly can and that’s exciting right?

Continue below for my quality profitable football betting tips.  Only the best will do in my kitchen and the same applies to my football betting, so let’s get started.

1. Know Your Stuff

When I am cooking, there is no room for error and the most basic thing to understand is the names of the utensils and equipment plus the ingredients.  I would never step into a kitchen if I did not know how to use everything and the same applies when betting on football.

If you want to enjoy profitable football betting, you must understand all the terms involved.  It is no good placing a bet on Double Chance or Asian Handicap market if you do not know what these terms mean.  Learn the basics first when betting on football and you are already on your way to making a profit with your football bets.

  • Learn betting terms
  • Know what each market means
  • Understand football

2. My Love of Recipe Books

There is nothing wrong with using information to help you and I do it all the time when cooking.  While it is fun to try new things, I will always refer to a recipe book for guidance.  If you want to make profitable football betting tips, you must also use the information around you to help when making decisions.

Football statistics are freely available online and even some bookmakers will have statistics available.  However, there are many websites which specialise in football statistics and you can use these to your advantage when placing a football bet.

Study the form of the two teams, which teams are scoring a lot of goals, which teams are conceding a lot of goals, is a team very strong at home but poor away?  All of this information combines to give you the best chance of making a profitable football bet so use it.

  • Use statistics
  • Team form
  • Home/away results
  • Goals scored/conceded

3. Laziness is Not an Option

The above point brings me nicely on to my third step to profitable football betting and that’s laziness.  If there is one thing, I will not accept in my restaurant kitchen it is laziness.  I understand anyone can make a mistake or something unexpected can happen when cooking in a busy environment but there is no excuse for being lazy.

Always find out as much as you can about the two teams involved in the match on which you are betting.  Look at the local websites of the teams for any insider information you can use to your advantage and leave no stone unturned in your quest for information.  To become profitable at football betting, you must do your homework.

  • Research the two teams
  • Use local websites
  • Ask fellow gamblers for local information

4. My Kitchen Team

I have assembled a great team of people in my kitchen and we each have our on roles.  Whether it is the master chef, like me or the person cleaning the utensils, every job is very important and without that person, cooking becomes more difficult.

Profitable football betting starts by looking at the team news of two teams playing the match.  If one team is relying on the same player to score most of their goals and he is injured, perhaps betting on them to score 3 or more goals is not such a good idea anymore?

Likewise, if a favourite is missing some key players, this could open the door for an underdog to win the match at great odds.  Knowing when to back an outsider in this situation is a key skill to profitable football betting and one you can use regularly simply by following the team news closely before placing your bet.

  • Know key players
  • Look for when key players are missing
  • Follow team news

5. Keeping Calm

If there is one thing, I cannot afford to run wild in the kitchen it is my emotions.  Even in a pressure restaurant environment, I cannot allow my emotions to get the better of me because I will lose control of the kitchen.

The same applies when betting on football and if you want to make a profit you cannot allow emotions to come into your bets.  Profitably football betting means knowing when to back against your favourite team.

So many people lose money betting on their favourite team to win games.  If you simply cannot go against your own team when betting on football, do not involve their match in your betting activity.  It is the easiest way to prevent emotion from clouding your judgement and emotion plays no part in profitable football betting.

  • Never bet on your favourite team
  • Keep emotions under control
  • Think clearly

6. Recovering Bad Dishes

There will be a rare occasion when preparing a dish that something goes wrong and it is not fit for consumption.  The immediate thought is to try and add some additional ingredients and hope they change the dish into something tasty but the reality is it never works.

If you want to make a profit when betting on football, you cannot go chasing after your losses.  However competent you are when placing bets on football, you will lose at some point and it is very tempting to place another bet immediately to try and win back what you have just lost.

It may seem counterintuitive but if you lose a bet, the best thing you can do is step away and accept it rather than be rash and place another bet immediately.

Top gamblers know when to step away after a loss and this is one of the keys to profitable football betting.

Try to ignore short term losses and focus on long term profitability.

  • Never attempt to recover losses in one bet
  • Accept you will lose sometimes
  • Focus on long term profit

7. Which Style of Dish to Prepare?

There are some many options when it comes to cooking and that is why I love being in the kitchen.  However, there are some dishes which I know people love and I understand when I need to stick to these dishes.

Trying something new can be fun but if I want people to enjoy my food and come back for another meal, I must stick to the dishes I know are successful.  The same applies when attempting to make a profit betting on football.

There are many football betting markets to choose from and it can be tempting to try something different.  However, profitable football betting is only achievable if you stick to a limited set of markets and we have highlighted these below.

Match Winner

This one is self-explanatory and involves selecting the team you think will win the match.  Look for games where the odds are fairly even but the information you have suggests one team is the favourite.

Over/Under 2.5 Goals

This is another market which professional football betters use regularly.  There is enough information available regarding the teams and the leagues they are in to make some good money.  Smaller leagues are a great way to make profit on the Over/Under 2.5 Goals market, especially when there is enough information to analyse.

Both Team to Score

Profitable football gamblers make use of the Both Teams to Score market in a similar way to the over/Under 2.5 Goals market.  This market is not always very profitable in the major European leagues but comes into its own in lesser league games.  Look at the smaller leagues around Europe and South America and you will find some great value odds to make a profit using the Both Teams to Score market.

Asian Markets

The final betting market I suggest you use for profitable football betting is called Asian Handicap.  This is a little more complex than the markets highlighted above but is a must in your arsenal if you want to make a profit betting on football.

The best way to explain the Asian Handicap market is to think of it as a way to make the teams even in terms of betting.  One team is given an advantage in terms of goals and the other a disadvantage in terms of goals before the match begins.

For example, If Barcelona are playing at home against Girona, Barcelona could start the match with -2 goals and Girona with a +2 goals.  This means Barcelona must win the game by 3 clear goals to win in terms of the bet.

Asian Handicap betting allows you to place bets with an increased variety of options.  You would not usually bet on Girona against Barcelona but with a +2 goal head-start it may be tempting.

However, the main reason professional gamblers like Asian Handicap betting is because bookmakers often pay out higher on these bets.

For example, it can be more profitable to bet on a home team at +0 goals than to bet on them in the match winner market, which is essentially the same thing.

Asian Handicap betting can give gamblers a slight edge and is a must for profitable football betting.

  • Stick to a select few markets
  • Understand each one thoroughly
  • Do not be tempted to stray from these markets

8. Some Recipes are not Worth Cooking

There are some days when I am itching to get into the kitchen and cook up something new.  Despite the fact the restaurant is closed on a Monday morning, I am still tempted to go in and make something but deep down, I know it is the wrong thing to do.

To become profitable at football betting, you must know when not to place a bet.  This may sound silly because how are you going to make a profit betting on football if you do not place a bet?  There are many football matches being played around the world every day, so you will always have an opportunity to place a football bet but if you cannot see a value bet for any match on a given day, why place a bet?

It is an unnecessary risk and you will not only be feeling unhappy after you have lost the bet but you will also have lost money.  If you want to make a profit betting on football, you must know when to avoid placing a bet.

  • Only bet when there is value
  • Understand not every day will have a good bet
  • If there is not a good bet available, walk away

9. Keeping a Record

One of the reasons I became a highly regarded chef was not just my cooking ability but also the fact I kept records.  For every new recipe I created a kept a record of all the ingredients and the thoughts of the people who tried the food.

By doing this, I know which dishes have been successful and I can monitor the cost of the ingredients to make each one plus the profit or loss in the restaurant.

This is something which all profitable football betting people do and you must follow suit.  Always keep a record of every bet you place.  Write down the type of bet, the teams involved, the stake, the outcome and the profit/loss.

Doing this not only allows you to see how much profit you have made over time but to spot trends in your betting.  You may have good results betting on the both teams to score market but poor results betting on the over/under 2.5 goals market.  In which case, you could focus more on the both teams to score market and this could increase your profit levels even further.

  • Always record your betting activity
  • Write down wins/losses
  • Analyse to find your strengths

10. Promotions

Occasionally I will be sent offers from my suppliers about special deals on their products.  It could be fresh vegetables, meat, fish or condiments.  Whatever it is, nothing beats having the ingredients I need at a great price and this means I can make dishes for cheaper and make more profit.

When taking steps to profitable football betting, you must take advantage of the special welcome offers at online bookmakers.  Every online bookmaker which is worth joining has a welcome bonus for new people.  It could be a matched bonus giving you double your deposit or a free bet.  All of these offers hand you the opportunity to make more profit with your football betting and you must take advantage of them.

Also, make sure you sign up to receive promotional emails from bookmakers.  It can be annoying having bookmakers email you regularly but occasionally you will receive a great bonus.  Using it will only add to your chances of making a good profit betting on football.

  • Use welcome bonuses
  • Sign up for emails
  • Use promotions

11. Cooking in a Tournament

One of the best ways to show off my cooking talent is by entering competitions.  This usually involves cooking a dish and a panel of judges tasting the food.  I will compete against other chefs and if I win, I will go through to the next level, which is a national tournament and then to international level.

Sometimes I come up against very famous chefs and people think I have no chance but I have caused some upsets in my time.  Judges have often preferred my dish over a more established chef.

The same principle can be applied to profitable football betting.  Cup matches provide an opportunity to make a good profit when done correctly.  The League Cup and FA Cup in England are good examples as many of the Premier League teams will field an under-strength team in the cup competitions.

During the 2018/19 season, Manchester United lost at home to Derby County of the Championship in the League Cup and this is a great example.  Study which of the top teams are treating domestic cup competitions with less respect than other competitions and you could be set to make a nice profit if results go as you predict.

  • Cup matches are good for underdogs
  • Study the team news
  • Big teams often rest key players in domestic cups

12. Don’t Be Hasty

My final step to profitable football betting involves in-play markets.  When I am cooking under pressure in a restaurant, I am sometimes pressed for time and will consider taking out an ingredient to finish the dish quicker.

However, this compromises the taste of the dish and although it is tempting, the results are usually below what I would like.

When betting live on football, most online bookmakers allow you to cash out.  That means you can end the bet earlier and take the pay-out they are offering.  As a match nears the end, it is very tempting to take these offers but they are often poor, handing the bookmaker a good margin and you little in the way of profit.

If you have decided you must cash out, a better way to do this is to lay off your bet at a betting exchange.  At a betting exchange you do not have to worry about the bookmaker’s margin and you will make more money on the bet.  This works especially well when betting on the match winner and over/under goals markets.

  • Never cash out a bet
  • Use a betting exchange to lay off your bet
  • Will not work on every football market

Follow my spicy steps to profitable football betting as described above and you will be well on your way to success.