What is Virtual Football Betting?

Football betting is easily one of the most popular betting activities out there. However, even the football season has an end and sometimes there simply aren’t any good games on. Still, if you really enjoy betting on football, there is a way to do it all year long and that is virtual football betting.

Virtual football betting may not be the easiest way to beat the bookies, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a shot. Being always available, virtual football betting allows you to keep track of what’s going on and place your bets when you feel like it, with no real pressure.

Unlike a real football season, a virtual football season only lasts hours, so it is possible to make many bets in a short time. This makes virtual football betting perfect for those of us who are true action junkies. Instead of gambling in the casinos, you have a way better chance to actually win when betting on virtual football, and in this short guide, we will try to teach you how to do exactly that.

Before we proceed to particular strategies and methods, let us take a look at the major advantages and disadvantages of virtual football betting.


  • Quick turnaround times and 24/7 availability
  • You don’t have to keep track of real football teams
  • No chance of player or ref corruption
  • Lots of betting markets


  • All action is computer generated
  • The house keeps a significant edge
  • Can be difficult to predict

How Does Virtual Football Work?

Virtual football is a game created by the bookmakers to keep punters in action when no good sports events are going on. Unlike real football, where real players compete, virtual football is a simulation of the game of football.

In a virtual football league, the computer will generate a list of teams who will compete against each other in a fashion similar to that of major European football leagues. These teams will take each other on in a series of games, giving the player a chance to bet on the outcomes of games, outright champions of the league and many other markets.

Since these leagues move along really fast, and each round only takes minutes to conclude, you will have plenty of times to monitor these virtual teams and make your predictions. The problem is that, since there are no real players involved and all action is computer generated, the outcomes of the games can vary drastically and erratically.

The biggest problem with virtual football betting is that no amount of football knowledge will really help you be a better virtual football bettor. On the other hand, understanding odds and mathematics of sports betting can in fact help out, so you should probably focus on these if you are looking to make your betting profits on the virtual football pitch.

Where Can I Bet on Virtual Football?

  • Most online bookies allow virtual football betting
  • Virtual football is available in some live sportsbooks
  • You can bet on other virtual sports as well

Virtual sports betting has become very popular over the last few years, with more and more online bookmakers adding the game to their offer. When there seems to be nothing to bet on, the action does not need to stop. In fact, it may be just the right time to jump at the action and start making your virtual football bets.

Practically all the major online bookies nowadays make virtual football betting a part of their offer. Simply navigate your bookmaker’s site to the virtual sports page, and you are likely to come across an ongoing virtual football league.

Feel free to take your time and monitor the league as it develops before you actually place any wagers. That way, you will have a chance to make more educated bets based on what is going on in the league, but do keep in mind that virtual football betting is very hard to predict.

So Can I Win at Virtual Football Betting?

Before we talk about whether virtual football betting is beatable, let us talk about how the results are actually generated. Many people seem to think that virtual football betting is rigged against them, but trust us, it is not! The results of the matches are made up by a random number generator which is not controlled by the bookie, and there are plenty of government powered regulators who make sure this is the way it works.

Nevertheless, despite the results being truly random, the bookies do have an edge over us in virtual football betting. By keeping a winning margin in terms of the odds, the bookmakers will beat the spread in the long run and win against the entire pool of players.

What you want to do in virtual football betting, like in any form of sports betting, is be one of the few players who actually come out on top. While this isn’t impossible, our experience is that there are better ways to relieve the bookies of their cash than betting on virtual sports.

If you are an action maniac however, virtual football betting can still be a hobby where money can be won. Using betting systems like the Martingale or other forms of progressive systems has been known to work in the relatively low volatility environment of virtual football, so if you are really gunning to win in this game, using such mathematical systems is probably the better way to go than trying to learn about the teams or players, as these are just computer simulations after all.

Who Should I Bet On?

  • All virtual sports teams are randomly generated
  • The name of the team does not correspond with anything in the real world
  • Dozens of betting markets are available
  • Keeping track of stats can help you make better bets

When coming into virtual football betting, most punters have experience with betting on real football. For this reason, it comes intuitively that you should bet on teams whose names are similar to great football clubs. However, keep in mind that the names of clubs in virtual football leagues are randomly generated and usually have nothing to do with their real world counterparts.

Betting on virtual teams from Madrid or Manchester will make no difference, as the RNG might decide that this is the season when Bratislava or Zagreb will win the league. You should really take a look at a few rounds of the competition first before making any bets, but the odds themselves will also tell you what the relative strength of the teams is.

Do keep in mind that random number generators use statistics, so if one team is scoring lots of goals for instance, the odds on them scoring in a game will usually be lower but the chances of it happening will be higher, just like in real football betting.

In the long run, it will make very little difference what team you were betting on, since the computer is able to come up with perfect odds every single time. Since this is not the case in real football betting, we absolutely suggest keeping most of your action in the real sports arena and using virtual sports as a playground for when you are bored.

Is There a Real Winning Strategy?

When it comes to virtual sports, there is no real way to definitively beat the bookies in the long run. Since all results are computer generated and the house edge is substantial, you will always be betting at poor odds, so your real chances of winning can be quite bad.

On the other hand, using various mathematical betting systems, like betting progressions can land you quite a neat quick profit on the night. With a little luck, you can win many betting units by just spamming bets with little regard of statistics or anything else. Simply increasing your bet until you win can do it in the short run.

To this day, we have not been able to come up with a strategy that would allow us to unlock the code of the virtual sports betting markets, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. If you crack the code, make sure you let us know so we can help others out, but until then make sure you have fun with it and don’t overextend your bankroll.