What is Virtual Horse Racing? – Bet & Win Online

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports among sports bettors all over the world and especially in the UK. While betting on horse races can be extremely exciting, there are a number of limiting factors to this sport. These include the fact that horse meetings only include a certain number of races and that horse races are sometimes canceled due to poor weather conditions and other outside factors.

Sports betting sites want to give you action around the clock, and with this in mind they came up with the concept of the virtual horse racing. At the basic level, virtual horse racing is a random number draw game, where each virtual horse is assigned numbers and these numbers are drawn out by the random number generator.

However, despite being such a simple game, virtual horse racing looks and feels a lot like the real thing. Each time you place your bets, you will be able to watch a 1 minute race of the “plastic ponies”, as they are often called. The races look just like the real horse races and they tend to be super exciting.

If you are on the lookout for some extra action and don’t have the patience to wait for the next horse racing meeting, keep reading and learn how you can bet on virtual horse racing. With a few helpful tips from us, you may just get to a point where you are winning money at virtual horse racing, and at the worst case, you will have lots of fun while betting on a sport that you never had a chance to bet on before.


  • Instant action around the clock
  • Fast races at any time you choose
  • Results cannot be tempered with


  • Experts don’t have an edge
  • The house edge is pretty big
  • The outcomes of races are impossible to predict

How Does Virtual Horse Racing Work?

Virtual horse racing mimics the horse racing sport in every aspect, making for a perfect substitution of horse races when there are no good horse racing meetings going on. Punters even get to actually watch the horses run the track in question, although the entire action is computer simulated.

Since this is a computer simulation, it is important to understand that the outcome of every race is determined the moment the race begins. The bookies will set odds based on the chance each virtual horse has to win the random number draw, but the game is not rigged in any way and there is every chance to win.

The fact is that the bookmaker will leave itself an edge in each race, making them a winner in the long run. However, in the short run punters can beat the bookies just like they can beat the casinos in any other random number draw game.

The allure of virtual horse racing is much bigger than that of casino games, especially for those of us who enjoy betting on horse races in general.

Where to Bet on Virtual Horse Races?

  • Popular online bookies offer virtual horse racing
  • Over 10% of overall bets are made on plastic ponies
  • The game is fun and available around the clock

Virtual horse racing is becoming more popular by the year, as both the live betting shops and the online betting sites are introducing it to their offering. In fact, UK bookmakers have reported that the virtual horse racing action has increased very significantly and now accounts for well over 10% of their overall revenue.

With so much action going on, the online sports betting sites are the best place to bet on virtual horse races. The fact is that every major online bookie now offers virtual horse racing as a part of their overall offer, which makes it very easy to find the game.

All you need to do is sign up with one of the popular online bookies and you will have access to the virtual horse racing lobby with just a few clicks. From there, you will be able to place your bets and watch the virtual race on your screen instantly, without having to wait for the races to actually start in the tracks around the world.

Is Virtual Horse Racing Beatable?

Whenever you are getting involved with a new sport, it is natural to ask this question. Can I even beat this game? To answer this question, we must ask ourselves what the game is all about and what it would take to actually beat it.

When betting on actual horse races, solid punters can use statistics, follow the horses and look for bookmaker’s mistakes in the odds given compared to actual expectations. This is why so many punters actually do win money betting on horses and why no other sport has as many winning bettors.

However, virtual horse racing is a much simpler game. Instead of actual horse competition, the bookie uses a pool of numbers that are randomly drawn, with each horse being awarded numbers based on the odds they are given. Since the bookie always assigns fewer number to the horses than the total combined odds, the truth is that in the long run the bookie will always win at virtual sports, including virtual horse races.

This does not mean that you cannot win in the short run if you get lucky. In fact, a good winning streak can take you a long way, just like in any casino game or game of chance out there. Still, if you are a horse racing expert, don’t expect that your expertise will take you a long way at the virtual tracks, as these don’t really have anything to do with how real horse races work.

How Do I Pick My Horses?

Whether you want to bet on a single horse or multiple horses in the same race, the bookie will offer you odds based on how many numbers a certain horse has in the draw. Once all bets are made, the draw is made and the results are concluded. After this, you will have a chance to watch the race unfold, but the results will already be known.

Picking horses in the virtual arena works a bit different than in real horse racing, as there is no chance for the bookies to get it wrong. The basic principle in virtual horse racing is that you should pick your horses based on how much variance you want to experience. If you want to go big, you should bet on the long odds and hope you get really lucky. On the other hand, betting on short odds will give you a chance to play longer without risking too much of your bankroll.

If you are just looking to kill some time, we suggest always going with the favorites who have the most chance of winning the race. This way you will land the most winners and you will be able to spin your money around a few times before the time comes for the actual races you were waiting for on TV or your next big football match starts.

If you are looking to gamble big, you should go for the horses that are lower on the list and hope that the computer draws one of their numbers from the hat. While this is less likely, the rewards are also far greater, so there is a better chance at a major payday once you do get lucky.

What about Virtual Horse Racing Strategies?

As you know, we are always looking for ways to get one better on the bookies, but unfortunately we have not yet been able to crack the code and beat the bookies at the game of virtual horse racing. Since the game is 100% based on virtual simulations, there is no real way to get around the fact that the bookies are giving themselves an edge on the odds.

The best strategies we can advise for virtual horse racing include mathematical progression systems, which would have you keep increasing your bet until you finally land a winner. This way, you could lose a few times in a row and then win all the money back along with some profit. While the strategies are a bit risky, systems like Martingale and Reverse Martingale have some merit in random draw games like virtual horse racing.

Other than these strategies, we can’t really say that there is a real way to beat the bookies at virtual horse racing. This is why we suggest approaching the game with extreme caution, betting much smaller than you bet on actual horse races and not risking too much at one time. If it is fun you are looking to have, you will certainly get to have loads of it while betting on virtual horses, but for the real profits you should probably wait for real world horse racing meetings.