Travel Tips: 10 Mixed Food & Casino Cities To Visit In Europe

Did you know that there are few places in Europe where you can enjoy both memorable cuisine and gambling? That’s right, next time you want to put a few bets and test your luck, you can spice up this experience by adding great food to the menu.

Europe is the continent where the first modern casinos appeared. At the same time, this is a continent with a very long culinary history. It would take weeks or even months for someone to try the most popular dishes served in the countries across Europe. To make things easier for you, I have created a list of travel tips that unites the best of these two worlds – gambling and food. This list of casino cities where you can have good meals is here to help any adventurous gambler with food cravings.

  • Get familiar with a few unique casino cities in Europe
  • Find out what you can do in these cities
  • Learn more about the local cuisine

As a chef, I was amazed by the dishes served in these cities where you can find more than one attractive casino. So, if you want to travel and spend a memorable time, check these travel tips where you will find 10 mixed food and casino cities that you can visit in Europe.

1. Lisbon

Country: Portugal

Population: 2.8 million

Currency: Euro

Climate: Mediterranean

Number of casinos: One

Popular dishes: Bacalhau a bras, petiscos

Truth be told, a trip to Lisbon will be more about the food and less about gambling. When it comes to gambling, it’s a little bit difficult to say that this is one of the best casino cities in Europe because it has just one casino available to players and that’s Casino Lisboa. Yet, the fact that it has over 1000 casino games (most of them are slots) makes this place worth visiting. In addition, the biggest casino in Europe (Estoril Casino) is located just 35 km away.

The capital city of Portugal is an excellent place for those who want to try traditional food that comes from southwestern Europe. This local cuisine present in Lisbon is known specifically for the use of many spices and fresh ingredients. For instance, if you want to try snacks while you are taking a break, you can order petiscos, the Portuguese version of tapas – small snacks served in almost every bar in this city. On the other hand, Bacalhau a bras is a good option for those who prefer seafood – a salted and dried pan-fried codfish served with scrambled eggs and potatoes.

  • Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal
  • It has just one casino
  • The city’s restaurants have very interesting spicy dishes

2. Amsterdam

Country: Netherlands

Population: 2.4 million

Currency: Euro

Climate: Oceanic

Number of casinos: 14

Popular dishes: Stroopwafel, poffertjes

Now here’s an example of a city in Europe that has everything a food-loving gambler wants. The capital city of the Netherlands has a long history of gambling. Today, this popular travel destination has 14 land-based casinos where you can enjoy a wide range of table games and slots. What’s interesting is that you can find live poker tables at almost any time of the day. There are poker tournaments organized here from time to time too. Holland Casino Amsterdam West and Holland Casino Amsterdam are two examples of popular casinos found here. The good thing is that most of the casinos have their own restaurant, so you don’t have to wander around looking for a good place to try local food.

As for the local cuisine, you will have many options too. It turns out that traditional Dutch food is quite tasty. The good thing is that you can try both desserts and main dishes. For instance, if you have a sweet tooth, my recommendation is to order a stroopwafel. The hot caramel syrup in this waffle will make you forget about everything you had in mind. The other sweet dish that you can try in Amsterdam is definitely not easy to pronounce, so it might be a better idea to point your finger on this food at the menu when you are placing an order. Poffertjes are actually a Dutch version of pancakes with delicious syrup. Herring and cod are a good choice for the main dish.

  • Amsterdam is the biggest city in the Netherlands
  • There are many interesting sweet foods in this city
  • Players can choose from 14 casinos

3. Gevgelija

Country: Macedonia

Population: 15.000

Currency: Macedonian denar

Climate: Mediterranean

Number of casinos: Six

Popular dishes: Pita, tava

It’s amazing how a small city located in Macedonia can have so many casinos. One of the main reasons why Gevgelija has become a popular place for gambling is the fact that it’s close to the border with Greece. Gambling laws in Greece are stricter and many players from this country are visiting Gevgelija in Macedonia to play their favorite casino games. The most popular casinos like Flamingo and Ramada are owned by foreigners. There’s a big international airport just 50 km from Gevgelija in the city of Thessaloniki and some of the casinos have tour buses prepared for their players waiting at the airport.

When it comes to the cuisine, the Macedonian cuisine is known on the Balkans as one of the tastiest cuisines. It’s heavily influenced by Turkish cuisine which is influenced by Middle Eastern cuisine. If you have a chance to try pita filled with cheese or veggies or a Macedonian Tava (a mix of meat and vegetables placed in a frying pan) then you should definitely go for it.

  • Gevgelija is a small city in Macedonia
  • It has a few big casinos
  • The local cuisine is influenced by Turkish cuisine

4. Prague

Country: the Czech Republic

Population: 2.6 million

Currency: Czech koruna

Climate: Humid continental

Number of casinos: 12

Popular dishes: Trdelnik, goulash

The largest city (and the capital city) in the Czech Republic is a place that you should visit even if there were no casinos and mediocre food in it. This city has a long history and features remarkable architecture. But, what’s even better is that it boasts a list of good casinos too. There are 12 casinos at the moment and although most of them are focused on slots, they have good table games too. If you are into poker, you can find many Texas Hold’em poker tournaments in these casinos. Casino Happy Day, Rebuy Stars Casino Luka and Rebuy Stars Casino Savarin are a few popular casinos that you can visit in this city.

I’ve mentioned goulash in the intro as one of the popular dishes you can try in Prague. Some of you might be familiar with the fact that this dish is native to Hungary, but the fact is that people in the Czech Republic including those who live in Prague have accepted this food made of great portions of meat (usually beef) and some veggies as their own. Trdelnik is an option for those who want something sweet – it’s a rolled pastry that features a dusting of cinnamon, nuts or sugar.

  • There are 12 casinos in Prague
  • This is the largest city in the Czech Republic
  • Some popular dishes are “borrowed” from the neighboring countries

5. Monaco

Country: Monaco

Population: 39.000

Currency: Euro

Climate: Mediterranean

Number of casinos: 4

Popular dishes: barbajuan

The casino industry has been active in Monaco since 1846. This city-state is now known as a place where the richest people in the world often go to relax and meet each other. Obviously, gambling is one of their favorite pastimes. If you are planning on visiting Monaco, you should know that you can choose from four casinos including the Le Casino de Monte-Carlo, a gambling complex that has been operating since 1863. Keep in mind that the exclusive areas of this casino are available only to high-rollers.

Although this is a small place, it has a long history and it’s been functioning as an independent city for a long time. This is one of the reasons why the residents were able to develop a special Monegasque cuisine over the centuries. Due to the fact that Monaco is located at the French Riviera, it’s quite natural that seafood is involved in most of the dishes present here. Don’t forget to try the barbajuan when you are there. This is a special kind of an appetizer that represents a fritter filled with ricotta, Swiss chard and other ingredients.

  • Monaco is a city-state in Europe
  • This place has a long history when it comes to gambling
  • There are 4 casinos in Monaco today

6. St. Julian’s

Country: Malta

Population: 10.000

Currency: Euro

Climate: Mediterranean

Number of casinos: 3

Popular dishes: Imqarrun, Bragjoli

The seaside town of St. Julian’s is a very small town that’s becoming very popular among gambling enthusiasts in Europe. Malta is known as an excellent holiday destination and a country that has quite liberal laws when it comes to gambling. Most of the gambling companies that are present here are running online casinos, but there are a few land-based casinos too including the three casinos in St. Julian’s – Casino Malta by Olympic Casino, Dragonara Casino and The Casino at Portomaso. Of course, you can expect to find all the popular types of casino games there.

We can’t talk much about a local cuisine here because St. Julian’s is a very small place. But, this town that has a few quality restaurants allows visitors to try the best of Maltese cuisine. It’s worth mentioning that this cuisine was influenced by British, Italian, Spanish and Mediterranean cuisines. If you are a fan of pasta, you can try the Imqarrun which is basically a baked dish based on macaroni served with meat sauce and egg. In case you prefer meat, try the Bragjoli – rump steak, bacon, ground beef, and eggs. A true delight for the real gourmands.

  • Julian’s is a small seaside town in Malta
  • It features three casinos
  • You can try bragjoli, imqarrun and other delicious dishes here

7. Vienna

Country: Austria

Population: 2.6 million

Currency: Euro

Climate: Oceanic

Number of casinos: 4

Popular dishes: Wiener schnitzel, palatschinken

Vienna is the capital city of Austria, a country that’s located close to the center of Europe. So, you can use this city as a base to travel around Europe. A big city like this should probably have more casinos, but the four casinos that are available there at the moment should be enough for a traveler to have fun while exploring the attractions of this city including the Schonbrunn Palace, St, Stephen’s Cathedral and the Belvedere Palace. When it comes to the casinos, Casino Wien is the biggest and oldest casino that features almost 300 casino games. If you prefer playing poker, you should visit Concord Card Casino.

Vienna is even more famous for its food. For instance, the popular Wiener Schnitzel is present since the 19th century. This is a cutlet of veal or pork coated in breadcrumbs, eggs, and flour. There is also a good selection of unique desserts like the palatschinken (sweet pancakes) and aprfelstrudel (hot apple strudel). There are literally dozens of restaurants and bistros in Vienna.

  • There are four casinos in this city
  • Vienna is the capital city of Austria
  • Wiener schnitzel, palatschinken, tafelspitz, sachertorte – these are just some example of popular local dishes you can find in Vienna

8. Baden-Baden

Country: Germany

Population: 55.000

Currency: Euro

Climate: Marine West Coast

Number of casinos: 1

Popular dishes: Fladle soup, Kasespatzle

Baden-Baden is a relatively small spa town located in Germany. It is often visited by sports enthusiasts looking for fresh air and beautiful nature. This city can be visited all year round and there’s always something that you can do there and gambling is one of these things. To be honest, there’s just one casino in Baden-Baden and that’s Spielbank Baden Baden. Yet, this place boasts over 150 casino games including 2 live poker tables.

As expected, since we have listed Baden-Baden among the best food and casino cities in Europe, there are many opportunities to try memorable local dishes here too. For instance, fladle is a soup that includes savory pancakes. You can also try kasespatzle that is usually served along with meat dishes.

  • A town where you can try many different dishes
  • It’s a small spa town
  • A town in Europe with a long history and beautiful nature

9. London

Country: The UK

Population: 14.2 million

Currency: pound sterling

Climate: Temperate oceanic

Number of casinos: 29

Popular dishes: Fish and chips, English breakfast

Tower of London, Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, the Buckingham Palace – these are just some of the many attractions that tourists can visit in London. For those interested in gambling, there are 29 casinos. London, just like the United Kingdom in general, is considered to be one of the world’s hubs when it comes to gambling and betting. Some of the largest casino establishments in the world are located in London including Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City. Almost all of the big casinos there have their own restaurants (Aspers Casino has 3 restaurants) where you can try local dishes.

Fish and chips is one of the favorite dishes not just of Londoners, but also for people from Europe and other countries that are visiting London. You definitely don’t need an explanation about how this dish is prepared even if you are not a chef like me. For a good start of the day, you should try an English breakfast – eggs, sausages/ham. Mushrooms, toast and tomatoes. Contrary to popular belief, the local culinary scene in London will surprise you even if you are focused only on traditional food. Of course, if you want to try international cuisine you will find many Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and other types of restaurants too.

  • One of the biggest cities in the world
  • There are almost 30 casinos in London
  • You can try delicious local and international dishes in this city

10. Venice

Country: Italy

Population: 260.000

Currency: Euro

Climate: Humid subtropical

Number of casinos: 3

Popular dishes: Casunziei, bigoli in salsa

La Bella Italia! That’s right, Italy, in general, is a wonderful country for those looking for food & casino cities in Europe. One of the best examples of a city like that is Venice. Located at the Adriatic Sea, this unique city is home to six interesting casinos. Some of them have been active for many decades. The biggest casino in the city is Casino di Venezia Ca’Noghera. Keep in mind that this casino is focused on slot games.

I don’t have to talk much about Italian cuisine – it’s simply fantastic! Surely, I can make unforgettable Italian food, but it’s better to try it in the place where it was born if you have a chance. When in Venice, try casunziei, fresh pasta filled with ricotta cheese and veggies. Another pasta-based suggestion that I have is Bigoli in salsa a traditional Venetian pasta dish that consists of fish, onion and specially-made bigoli pasta.

  • A wonderful place for those who want to enjoy unique Italian food
  • Venice is a city with a long history
  • It has almost ten casinos for those who love gambling