How to Win At Keno? – X Stupid Mistakes You´re (Maybe) Making

Are you interested in learning more about how to win at keno? This is not a surprise because there are hundreds of individuals looking for the same answer on the Internet every year. According to many of them, leno is a very entertaining game that can bring huge returns, but when played in the wrong way, keno can bring frustration.

If a player wants to win at keno, they should be aware that keno is just like any other lottery game – a game of chance. Yet, there are certain things that can help you boost the winning odds. One of these things is to learn the common stupid mistakes that you might be doing while playing keno. Thanks to this article, you will learn how to:

  • Avoid the stupid mistakes that many keno players make
  • Find out some good tips that can help you win at keno
  • Increase your chances of winning

Now get ready to learn how to win at keno. Read this article and learn more about the 14 stupid mistakes you are (maybe) making when playing keno.

Mistake 1# – Playing Keno games with too low odds/chances

There are different keno games out there. In some of these games, players have to pick 10, 15, 20 or even 40 numbers usually out of 80 numbers. Don’t look at these numbers as irrelevant because they have a direct impact on the odds/chances of winning a round. Did you know that getting 20 numbers out of 80 is extremely difficult? The odds are like one in a quintillion.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore these games, but the main focus should be placed on keno games that have decent odds/chances. Don’t forget that keno games can be played whenever you want and you can place bets on different games in one day. So, if you are planning on playing 5-10 times today, it’s highly recommended to place at least 6-7 bets on keno games with decent odds/chances. Just like in the case of other casino games, the higher the odds, the better prizes you can expect.

  • Stay away from keno games with very low odds
  • You can win at keno and enjoy the game even in games with high odds
  • Conduct research before choosing a keno game

Mistake 2# – Signing up with a bad Keno Site

As the interest in keno grows, the number of keno sites goes up too. This is good news for all keno players because the more choices they have the better offers they can expect. However, not all of the keno sites out there are worth joining. There are many players that have “horror” stories about their experience with shady keno sites.

There are keno sites that are completely fake. Their only objective is to lure unsuspecting players on their pages where they will leave their personal information which will later be abused by the scammers. Additionally, you can find keno sites where placing bets and withdrawing earnings come with very high fees. If you want to stay on the safe side and avoid this mistake, then you should stick to reputable, well-established keno sites. A good review website can help you find the best sites of this kind.

  • Don’t play keno games on a site that you have not researched
  • Stay away from keno sites that don’t provide any information about their terms and conditions
  • Use a review website to find the best keno sites

Mistake 3# – Counting only on pure luck

As we have already mentioned, keno is a game of chance. There’s no way for players to affect the outcome of this game because the numbers are generated at random. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t increase your chances and win at keno more frequently. So, stop counting on pure luck and make some effort to win at this game.

When we say make an effort, we mean developing a strategy and following some basic patterns. There are many books and guides that can help you, but avoid the ones that are promising “sure wins” and other unreasonable things. Surely, you will need luck to win at keno, but with the right approach, you will increase your chances of winning big.

  • Create a basic strategy and plan
  • Count on luck, but don’t forget the rest of the things that contribute to success at keno
  • Make well-informed decisions

Mistake 4# – Not reading the rules before playing

We have already pointed out that there are different keno games found on keno sites. While it is true that all of them have the same basic rules, it’s possible to find keno games with a few additional rules. If you want to learn how to win at keno, you must rest assured that you know the rules of the game you have selected.

Take some time and read the rules including the specific rules associated with the game of keno that you are interested in. The best games come with clear rules and requirements which mean that there’s no chance for a misunderstanding here. Some of them even come with how-to videos and images.

  • Prepare before playing a new keno game
  • Check all the rules associated with the game
  • Avoid playing with real money before you master the game

Mistake 5# – Not playing free keno games

Almost all the keno sites have free keno games in their offer. These are actually the same games as the ones played with real money, but they have a free version. Due to the fact that many players think that keno is a very simple game, they are not practicing which is obviously a mistake.

Even if you have spent some time reading the rules, it’s still a good idea to play free keno games before investing real money. It’s one thing to learn a game in theory and a completely different thing to practice it. As we have already mentioned, there will be many chances to play keno because keno sites are available 24/7 which means that there’s no need to rush.

  • Use every opportunity to play free keno games in order to master them
  • Look for keno sites that are offering free keno games
  • Make sure that you know everything about the keno game you have chosen before playing with real money

Mistake 6# – Not setting up a budget

Before you start playing keno, just like in the case of playing any other casino game, it is very important to set up a budget. This should be a limited amount of money that you can lose without affecting your everyday life. Potential losses should not be covered with money that you can’t afford to lose. On the other hand, you should not play with pennies because you will definitely need to play a few rounds in order to get a chance to win something at keno games.

In case you are looking for a way to increase your budget, it’s smart to use casino bonuses found on many keno sites like welcome bonuses which usually boost the deposit by 100% or even 200%. Of course, the bonus you want to use must have reasonable wagering requirements.

  • Know your budget
  • Use casino bonuses to boost your budget
  • Make sure that you have enough money to play a few rounds

Mistake 7# – Using specific patterns

If you analyze the tickets, you will notice that there’s a tendency among most keno players to avoid certain groups of numbers. In other words, players don’t want to make patterns because they think that patterns can’t be drawn. This may make sense to some people, but the truth is different.

The fact is that if you want to win at keno, you can use patterns, you can group numbers or play completely unrelated numbers and you will have the same odds of winnings. In theory, choosing numbers from 10 to 20 in a row gives you the same chances of winning like choosing numbers like 80, 70, 60, 50 etc.

  • Keno is a game of chance which means that anything is possible
  • You can use patterns or avoid them, the chances remain the same
  • Use your instinct

Mistake 8# – Using too many numbers

This common mistake is related to the first mistake we have analyzed in this article. The majority of keno games allow players to choose up to 20 numbers. Some of them are offering a fixed number, but in most of them, it’s up to you to select that number.

According to many experts in this field, it’s much more reasonable to pick no more than 6 or 7 numbers than to choose 20 numbers and wait to hit the jackpot. Unfortunately, many keno players are willing to pick 20 numbers because they think that they are able to hit the main prize. If you want to win at keno more frequently use fewer numbers.

  • Decide whether you want to win more frequently or to get a chance to win a huge prize
  • If you want to be more realistic stick to 6-7 numbers per turn
  • Play keno games that allow players to choose how many numbers they want to use per turn

Mistake 9# – Not claiming the winnings

It’s very easy to get attracted by this game and to forget that you have actually won something. In order to win at keno, you must have a certain goal and whenever you achieve this goal, you should stop playing at least with the money you’ve earned. This is the point when you withdraw your earnings and decide what you will use them for.

Let’s explain this through an example. For instance, you have a budget of $100 and you have won $50. In situations like this, you should withdraw these $50 you’ve earned and keep playing with the initial budget. In this way, you can enjoy more in this game and use this money for something else than gambling. After all, that’s why people are playing keno.

  • Set a goal
  • Withdraw the earnings that go above your goal
  • Make sure that you have a good money management system

Mistake 10# – Getting used to the same numbers

Some people believe that everything happens with a reason and while this can be true for other things, it’s a well-known fact that keno games generate numbers at random. What many players who want to win at keno are doing is choosing the same numbers over and over again.

There is absolutely no reason to use the same numbers. Remember that we are talking about random numbers that don’t have any specific value. Of course, your kid’s birthday, your own birthday, the day when you have won something are significant to you, but keno games don’t care about these numbers.

The best idea is to use random numbers and to change these combinations all the time. This doesn’t mean that you will increase your chances of winning, but at least you will make the game more interesting and you will get less frustrated if you hit a losing streak.

  • You don’t have to play with the same numbers
  • Every number has an equal value in keno
  • Changing the combinations of numbers makes the game more fun

Mistake 11# – Playing too many times

It’s almost impossible to win a decent prize at keno if you are playing just once per week. However, it’s certainly not a good idea to play keno dozens of times per day either. There is no need to do this in a hurry when keno sites are available 24/7.

So, it’s much better to create a schedule or a plan and limit the number of times you will play keno a week. No one can tell how much tickets you should submit in order to start winning, but a few tickets a day and no more than 30 minutes in front of your computer or mobile device should be enough. Of course, you should take your budget into account when you are making plans like this.

We will have to mention one of the basic rules of gambling one more time – don’t gamble with money that you simply cannot afford to lose.

  • Don’t play too much or too little
  • Take your budget into account before playing keno
  • Create a plan

Mistake 12# – Being a quitter

Many people, who are reading articles about how to win at keno, think that they can find a magical formula that can help them become instant winners. Once they test the tips and strategies and they fail to win they tend to quit playing. This is an obvious mistake made by many beginner players.

Keno is all about patience. This is a game where players don’t win prizes frequently, but when they do these prizes are usually big. It might be a good move to take a break after a long losing streak, but you should not give up on keno because this game has huge potential and promises great rewards.

  • It usually takes some time before you win at keno
  • Taking a break is fine, but quitting will certainly not make you a winner
  • Consider other strategies and plans

Mistake 13# – Don’t play when you are not focused

This may sound a little bit odd to some readers because as we have pointed out a few times in this article – keno is a game of chance. Yet, we have also pointed out that it’s better to have a basic strategy when playing this game.

Sadly, there are many players that are playing keno when they are not fully focused. Some of them are tired, others may have had a drink or two – the point it is that they are not making the best decisions.

When you are playing under these circumstances, you can easily forget about your strategy. You can also go over your budget or play more than you are supposed to. If you find yourself in a situation like this, avoid playing keno. There’s always another day when you can play this game.

  • Stick to your strategy when playing keno
  • Don’t play when you are tired
  • Don’t forget that keno sites are available all the time

Mistake 14# – Using a software solution to pick the numbers

Every now and then people will hear about “the latest and best” software solutions that can help them beat keno games. This is something that sounds too good to be true and you are right. There is no software that can help you win at keno.

In case someone is able to create a software solution like this, they won’t be offering this software to other players – they will play on their own. On top of that, this means that if you use the same combinations as other players, you will have to share the prizes.

  • Avoid software solutions for picking keno numbers
  • Rely on common sense when choosing numbers
  • No one can predict the final outcome of a keno game